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Who are we?

We are professionals with over 15 years experience of working hands on with children and young people within both Education, Social Care and Mental Health settings. As such we know and understand both the challenge and the need to effectively provide holistic support every day. We also know that our tried and tested means of facilitating resilience and holistic wellbeing work.

So why are we here?

We are in this space to do one thing, that is to support you to support them by EMPOWERING, ENCOURAGING, AFFIRMING, SUPPORTING, CHALLENGING AND BUILDING every young person. How? By surrounding them each and every day with inspiring, meaningful and impactful words in the place they spend most of their time.

What’s our aim?

Our aim is to help all children and young people to develop resilient mindsets allowing them to live well now and successfully in the future. Our solution draws on a clinical background, our experience within Education as teachers, as well as our awareness of the challenges of those living within the Social Care system. As a result, we are very excited and pleased to offer a simple but effective professional toolkit that works to affect change!

Sharmaine Perrin

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What do pupils think about our Motivart range?

Here’s just some of the words used when describing how seeing these posters made them feel…



Our ‘Motivart’ range proudly boasts a selection of thought provoking, mood lifting, perception shifting motivational wall art featuring original sayings which will motivate a positive shift in both attitude and behaviour.

School Motivart :

Our Motivart range contain sets with wall art specifically prepared, each with a unique message for both professionals and young people. All pieces are original and built to support the development of accurate thinking processes and behaviours which are crucial in their role to support the building of resilient, happy, aspirational and productive young people. Made specifically with three school settings in mind:  classroom, staffroom and the whole school environment, each set distinctly different and focusing on conveying a specific audience-based message, are intentionally made to:

Our Motivart range contain wall art sets specifically prepared with a unique message for both professionals and young people. All pieces are original and created to support the development of accurate thinking processes and behaviours which are crucial to young people who are resilient, happy, aspirational and productive.

Made specifically with three school settings in mind: the classroom; staffroom; and whole school environment, each set focusses on conveying a specific audience-based message.

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Challenge practitioners to be the very best they can be by doing the little everyday things that have a HUGE impact in the lives of children and as such help to build resilience and self esteem. It’s nothing spectacularly different from what we know works and produces, as Garmzy, respected psychologist put it, that 'ordinary magic', where kids have the right stuff to bounce back from challenges.
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Our 6 piece classroom range based on a tried and tested values based model, which reflects core pro social behaviours, provides structure and critical classroom values upon which expectations can be set. In support of Social Learning theory, this then works to illicit the right attitudes and behaviours necessary for an environment conducive to high attainment.
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Whole School

Our Whole School range offers 20 fantastic pieces providing encouragement, motivation and challenges to children and young people as they transition around the school building. Our Motivart wall decor are created with more than just ‘hype words’. We believe, based on psychological schools of thought such as Positive Psychology, that the subconscious messages presented in our environment have a profound effect on our thoughts and behaviours. What better way to make use of wall space than to drive home positive narratives to create both helpful scripts and mindsets?
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